I wonder where this feeling comes from? Is it natural to be jealous? Are we born with jealousy or learn to adopt it? I never really understood THIS feeling nor have I ever tried to embrace it. Is it insecurities that spike the fire or is it more to it than meets the eye? How deep do you dig to scratch the surface of THIS feeling? Possessiveness? Lust? Love? Fear? Low self esteem? Lack of trust? Lack of confidence? Games? Mix of emotions? Jealousy comes in many shapes and forms. Many people have it, few are lucky to never experience it. The grey area in between them perhaps in this case doesn’t exist. You either ARE or you NOT. Whether you admit it to yourself or not, that’s a completely different topic… I don’t think I have ever experienced jealousy. I witnessed what jealousy can do to someone, but never can I recall a moment of jealousy over someone or something in my life. I wonder why? I wonder where this feelings come from? Why does one feel the need to possess it? Or is saying it that way completely overdramatizes the subject? I’m simply trying to understand. To understand the barriers, the road blocks or whatever else that’s in the way of someone who is jealous. Is love and jealousy go hand in hand? Then why do we say: “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours; if they don’t, they never were.”  Why do we trust love so much and at the same time find room to let jealousy be its friend? Do we fear or reflect our own actions on the person we are with? Do we become irrational and paranoid in what suppose to be the most happiest moment of our life? What drives that spark that sets your rage on fire? Perhaps, the answer to this is within us. It’s between our heart and our head. Lack of communication between two blinds our vision and fogs our rational. By chance, do we lack trust and confidence in what is in front of us? Or do we lust to be what we don’t believe we are? Possibly, we never look deep enough to understand ourselves and our own emotions. I don’t know, but I truly wish to understand!


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