I stole/borrowed this title from my friend’s  Facebook status. Simple wording that hits the nail on its head. I live by the truth; however, I also give some merit to the “white lies” and “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” phrases. I wonder what the world will be like if we never ever EVER had to lie. Would you be able to handle the truth 24/7? Hmmm, no final vote has been casted and for now I’ll play it by the year or I mean I’ll play it by the ear. For me, I’ll handle the truth and for you, I’ll simply keep the ear muffs on! Breathe! The truth never hurts. It paints our lives with color. See, you already forgot that you are the painter of your own life. Thus, the truth only adds the colors that perhaps you forgot belonged there in the first place. Get the brush, start coloring!

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