Ponte Milvio on Dec. 18, 2010
Padlocks as a sign of love
Ti Amo!

Discovering Ponte Milvio was never on my list of things I must do while I am in Rome. To be completely honest, I have passed it many times in the past 3 years, yet I never even thought to stop by or learn about the history of the bridge. Now I know a bit more than yesterday. The Ponte Milvio bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Rome. This stone and brick construction dates back to 115BC and crosses the Tiber (Tevere),  the third longest river in Italy.  Since 2006, it has been a major attraction for couples who wish to lock a padlock as a sign of their love. Whether you are locking a lock or checking out Roman architecture, add Ponte Milvio on your list of things to see while  in Rome.

1. Mandarin ChineseWo Ai Ni (approximately 1.12 billion speakers)

2. EnglishI love you (approximately 480 million speakers)

3. SpanishTe quiero (approximately 320 million speakers)

4. RussianYa tebya lublu (approximately 285 million speakers)

5. FrenchJe t’aime (approximately 265 million speakers)

6. Hindi/UrduMay thumhe pyaar kartha hoo (approximately 250 million speakers)

7. ArabicAna b’hebbek (approximately 221 million speakers)

8. PortugueseEu amo-te (approximately 188 million speakers)

9. BengaliAami tomaake (approximately 185 million speakers)

10. JapaneseKimi o ai shiteru (approximately 133 million speakers)

(What Language to say “I love you?” source: http://hubpages.com/hub/iloveyou)

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