Elegance, poise and manners are slowly disappearing from our lives! I believe it is time to includ them to the Red List of Threatened Human Qualities to disappear FOREVER! Seriously! When was the last time you stood up to offer an elderly person or a pregnant woman a sit? When was the last time you held a door open to let someone through? What about a “Thank you” or a “Please”? What about speaking without using slang, curses or street lingo? When was the last time you threw garbage out in the trash and not on the floor?  When was the last time you helped someone out without expecting anything in return? This list could go on and on but I think you get the point! It is fascinating to observe how my generation simply lacks manners! I am getting tired of closing my eyes or looking for someone to blame! Carefree should not substitute the elegance you do it with! I don’t believe that smiling to a strange would hurt anyone’s day! I do wish you asked me on a date! I don’t think saying “Thank you” will ruin your “swag“! Don’t fit in, be unique, be YOU because it is simply priceless! Be elegant, be polite and be an example that will encourage this world to change!

2 thoughts on “Losing value to rusty halo

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