Anything is possible because anything can happen

No one can whistle a symphony.  It takes a whole orchestra to play it”  ~H.E. Luccock

I am a goalie. I play calcetto. Calcetto, is five-a-side football. Last night we played our last game for the first half of this year’s season. It was a good, intense and a great win. It does feel good to win; it feels good because we played together as a team! We came together and defended our home field. I cherish moments like this because there is no better way to reward hard work and dedication than to put up a great fight! After all, even when you lose there is always a gain of experience. So win some or lose some, at the end of the game remember that there is always a next one!

I don’t believe I will ever know this sport as anything, but calcetto. I first touched/stopped a soccer ball in February of 2007. I have been playing ever since for the American University of Rome as a goalie. From never playing to slowly improving with each time I stepped onto the field, this game has taught me a lot. I am proud of what I am able to accomplish on the field as well as how much I have grown personally. I learned equally from the game (strategy and communication) and from each girl (passion, skills, dedication and hard work) I play with! It’s always a challenge, but rewards are always greater than any trophies (though I am not going to lie, I am going for #1!). The difference between winning or losing is timed in a second. The success of a team is measured in the effort of each player to play as a team. The outcome of each game determined by the spirit of this team. The outcome of the tournament will be always defined by the end of the season! Live and learn,  and play calcetto!


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