I have a challenge for you: please google the word “FREDDING“.

I can tell you now that this word does not exist! I made it up!

I’m in Rome. I am sitting in my room listening to the silence around me. It is gently disturbed by the noise outside. Current mood status: weird.

In September I went to Las Vegas for the first time.  My ex-roommate, a close friend and simply an amazing person Gina-Marie flew in to spice up the adventure! Since it is Las freaking Vegas I wanted to make sure that it will be fun from landing to take off! I ask Gina what she thought about our “fredding” in Vegas.  She laugh. Who wouldn’t if you had no idea what “fredding” is?

I defined “Fredding” as a promise ceremony between two friends that would like to commit their friendship to each other till their last breathe. I came up with this concept and I am trying to spread it around. One would think that Las Vegas would be the ideal place to christen this special event . I must say with huge disappointment that Las Vegas has laws and regulations which did not allow me to carry through my mastermind plan. My “fredding” idea was classified as a mockery of a traditional wedding by a Chapel staff. After all there is a bit of hypocrisy to Las Vegas, it makes promises it can not fulfill or perhaps with time the glamour of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is drowned in the bureaucracy of the real world.

If I had time and some reasonable investments, I would capitalize on my idea of a “fredding” in Las Vegas! Wouldn’t you want to “fred” your best friend and make a promise of forever?

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