Today, on my train ride back from work to Rome I was asked for my documents. Generally, I only get asked for my documents on two occasions: at the airport to cross borders and when I get pulled over by a police officer. This was a bit unusual and it made me wonder: Who are WE without our citizenship/passport? Do WE worth anything and what do WE have as a face value?

Interesting concept: to my believe, each person is born with a right to live, a right to belong and a right to accept what is around them as their own. Of course, some are more fortunate than others and this world isn’t perfect. Can we ever question before checking off the invisible “YES, I belong” box? What about times when we are forced to stop asking questions? I wonder if the concept was created to install, automatically without questions, a self-righteous belief to belong, but as time went by we simply forgot to update the concept notes of belonging to reflect this century? Or was it meant to question injustice of the forced choice? I think for now, this is beyond my knowledge, but it never hurts to wonder.

On the other side, the human trafficking problem increases and puts a completely different spin on the concept of belonging to a country. I am not questions the concept only trying to understand where it fails to close the gap.

We created a complex system of governance, a way to organize accountability and give power to more educated population to make decisions for masses, though, the system fail to prevent from cracks due to “wear and tare aka corruption”. There are layers to the complexity, but is there an order to this brain-tease? I am continuing to learn with a hope to contribute to solutions to the existing problems. Another way to put it: I would like to know how to troubleshoot this problems and how to find well-rounded solutions. Not perfections, only efficiency with a long term rate of success.

Maybe I can find a way to choose? Maybe I can choose to be a citizen of this World? Maybe I can choose to just be me?

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