I have been listening to Mike Posner for the past 2 days. I am totally “digging it”. A bit of a cheesy way to summarize my liking yet I am enjoying this tune, his voice and the lyrics. His songs “Falling”, “Save your goodbye” and “Gone in September” have been on replay and I can’t get enough.

Drive your high heel into my heart
I don’t even care
Cause my pride is worth much more than your
Your stupid little love
Every word that you say keeps on bouncing around in my head
When all my delusions of grandeur have turned into bad jokes instead
You’ll be there pointing and laughing to prove you were wiser than I
Well I’m just pretending perfection
I’m flying uncomfortably high

I would not say that it feels like I am falling. Yet, no matter what is driven into your heart, keeping your pride is what keeps you up at times. I think feeling pain is inescapable; however, living through it what makes you or breaks you. At time, we never get over that special someone who captured our heart for a moment before breaking it. On the other hand, the process of healing a broken heart could lead to something you might not have experienced otherwise. “Love” is an individualistic discovery of social expectations, loneliness and physical attraction. Is there more to love? Of course! It is anything you want love to be. Just remember: if YOU will choose to embark on your own “pursuit of happiness” open up your heart and leave out any expectations you might have. Guidance is not necessary because the experience is unique and communication will help you resolve any road blocks you will come across. Don’t try to outsmart “love”, don’t fear “love”, don’t doubt “love” but live in the realistic moment of today. Experience “love” to the fullest because you never know how long that moment is going to last. Forever is the word of “yesterday”. Whomever seems to be the word of “today”.


3 thoughts on “Drive your high heel into my heart

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